Your tattoo is a reflection of you. You will certainly agree that you did not go to a tattoo artist and volunteer yourself to endure the pain of inking just for nothing. You went there and had a tattoo permanently placed onto your skin because you want to express yourself, your thoughts and anything you want to convey. It's a bit like a trademark - a trademark you want to be exclusive to you. However, due to the increasing number of tattoo customers being faced with a reduced selection of great illustrations, chances are that even the rarest design you could possibly imagine may already be duplicated. This is because some tattoo artists display their clients' customized tattoo designs in art galleries both online and in their studios so they can gain extra profit from them. On the part of the client, this can be really unfair, offensive, and frustrating, especially when you paid promptly and properly including for the custom tattoo design.When you are faced with this dilemma, and you feel helpless, but still would like to do something to address your problem, seek a professional lawyer's help and you will be surprised that you can sue these people who have violated your rights. Under the US copyright law, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" does not apply here but can rather be a serious criminal offense in the form of theft.

Creators of original custom tattoo designs, whether the concept came from the tattoo artist, the client, or both, are protected by this law. Even commonly themed tattoo graphics can also be registered under this law provided that the expression of ideas is originally created and comes from the same themed tattoo illustrations. Bear in mind that under copyright law, it is not necessary that a copy should be an exact replica of the original; the copies that are very similar can also infringe copyright law.

There are actual cases where a person has been sued for stealing the original tattoo design of a tattoo artist. It is difficult for both parties, whether filing a lawsuit or receiving a complaint.

On the complainant's part, getting a lawyer to help prove and support your charges against the defendant is never easy. You've got to pay a lot of fees and it may even cost you much more than the actual damages you get if you win the case. It is also not easy for the other party especially when they lose the case. Often, they will be asked to have the tattoo removed, which involves very painful laser surgery.

So, to keep away from headaches brought on by lawyers and painful tattoo removal; use only original custom tattoo designs. After all, your tattoo is like a story that you want to tell. However, instead of using words, you let your tattoo do the talking.

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Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be so excited about anything like I am about getting my first tattoo. Having worked in a very conservative career as a counselor and business consultant I’ve been more of a voyeur of styles and hip-ness sort of passed me by years ago. But now I find myself thinking about nothing else but looking for tattoo designs. 

You can hardly look anywhere without seeing someone whose been inked. According to 2006 study funded by the American Academy of Dermatology, 24% of Americans between 18 and 50 are tattooed. The survey's results also indicated that approximately 36% of Americans age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo! I’ve done my homework and feel comfortable about looking for the tattoo designs I want. I’m not rushing into it and definitely decided not to go to a parlor to browse through the worn-out catalogs I’ve seen in the few I visited. I liked the cleanliness, hated the catalogs. 

So where does one go to find a tattoo design that is just right for him or her? Yes, this is definitely a wide open passion. Men and women of all ages, backgrounds, races, lifestyles, and professions are choosing the perfect tattoo design for their personality and taste. It’s more like an enhancement than an announcement of some ideology that is communicated through skin art. It’s all about personal expression.

I’m using the Internet exclusively to accomplish the task of looking for tattoo designs. I am definitely searching for the ideal tattoo designs I want. That’s right, tattoo designs. I’ve decided on two for my initial adventure. One for, well, you don’t really want to know that much. Let’s just say when I go swimming they will both be fully visible, but only partially visible during my work during the day.

Needless to say the choices are vast and I’ve enjoyed my search. Browsing through the pages of tattoo designs gives me a sensation that is very much like enjoying a day in the museum. The talent, skill and creative art of the ink masters is nothing less than fantastic. 

I’ve compiled a list of the top two or three sources of tattoo designs and posted them on my blog. Please feel free to take a look and leave me a comment if you find something you find especially attractive or special in any way. 

For your own personal choice of tattoo designs the sky is the limit. I’ve put together a list of tips to help you make a safe choice as well as a happy one. 

• Decide on your design before you visit a tattoo shop. This will keep you from being swayed by a charismatic business person before you truly know what is available. 

• Your choices run the gamut from, Celtic crosses to Tribal tattoos, to Asian Themes and some very hi Japanese Anime designs. Then there are the flowers and birds and celestial subjects, and thousands more. Deciding on the type of tattoo is an important decision. There is absolutely no reason to rush the process. 

• Make sure the tattoo design you choose is special to you. You should feel a tingle or a feeling of peace or excitement when you look at or even think about your design. 

• As you’re making your design decision you’ll also want to be thinking about the location where you’ll wear your design in addition to the process of putting it there. 

• Only when you’ve make your final choices should you begin your tattoo parlor visits. Naturally you’ll want to go with your gut instinct in regard to the look and feel of the facility. 

• Please do not make your decision on price. Think about the amount of time you’ll spend in the process of having the artist transfer his creation onto your body. You should feel very comfortable when thinking about being up close and personal with the tattooist you choose. This is especially important in regard to the place you’ve chosen to wear your design. 

• Finally, you’re ready for the big day. Rest well the night before and drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeine and cigarettes for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. This will help keep the event as trouble free as possible. Naturally, you would also avoid consuming any alcoholic drinks for 24 hours or more as well. 

All in all this is indeed a very special event in one’s life. One that is to be enjoyed and treasured. There is nothing as personally pleasing as making the decision to alter the look of your body. Years of conditioning, for many of us, have focused on making us think of such practices as undesirable. It is great to be alive in a world where we are finally coming to our senses, at least in a small way.

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Tribal tattoos have grown so much in popularity over the years that nowadays they’re in high demand. Why? Because, not only are Polynesian tribal tattoos beautiful, they also incorporate meaningful designs and symbols. In fact, people use them as an expression of their identity, to tell about an experience, to convey an emotion, a goal. 

The history behind tribal tattoos is very rich, deep and truly fascinating. Ancient tribes used them as symbols and representations of their statuses within their community, of their spiritual beliefs and culture, of their life experiences and aspirations, of their families and loved ones. 

If, like more and more people, you are intrigued by tribal tattoos and want to know more about their symbols and meaning, turn to the reliable and practical online guide that is guaranteed to answer all your questions about tribal tattoos. With the help of this unique online guide, you will be able to create your custom-made tattoo based on your (soon to be!) acquired knowledge of the different tribal tattoo styles, designs, and meaning. An understanding of Tribal Tattoo Meaning is key to choosing the patterns and symbols that best describe you.

People can translate feelings and emotions into designs and patterns through the art of tribal tattoos. They can illustrate an important event in their lives, a life changing experience. There is a symbol to represent everything in tattoo designs: whether it is protection, strength, a fighting spirit, beauty, family, health, you name it, there’s a way to incorporate it into your unique custom made tattoo. 

With the help of the online tattoo symbols guide, you will understand the possible meanings of every little curve, angle, line of  tattoo art. This knowledge will enable you to choose your own symbols with clarity and conviction which will give you a peace of mind about your personal creation. Just imagine being able to create your unique tattoo with symbols you have carefully selected, that convey exactly what you want them to: that tell your very own story! 

Your carefully designed creation will only be best represented by the Best Tattoo Artists. The Best Tattoo Artists are experienced professionals who specialize in complex tribal tattoo designs, they pay close attention to detail, and thus achieve perfection. They have the ability and expertise to bring life to your creation by flawlessly inking it onto your body. The online guide includes a list of the  Tattoo artists around the world with pictures of their personal art work. You’ll be able to study their portfolios and then decide which artist to go with.

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Sometimes deciding where on the body to get a tattoo is the most difficult part of the decision-making process. Of course, many people choose traditional locations like the shoulder, the upper arm, or somewhere on the main torso. But now many people are starting to look towards other areas to display their tattoos, and so, a plethora of armband tattoo designs have entered the mainstream.

Armband tattoos are very popular with people getting tattoos for the first time. On one hand, these tattoos have become somewhat of a fashion statement, and that puts them in high demand. On the other hand, they can be hidden under most short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts, so they are suitable for individuals who may need to fit into a conservative social or professional environment.

Another reason that armband tattoos stand out to first-timers is their ability to be created as feminine, masculine, or gender neutral designs. The many options that armband tattoos present gives those who aren't absolutely sure about what kind of tattoo they want the ability to experiment just a bit.

Armband tattoos seem to be universally accepted by the entire tattoo community. From bikers and sports icons to corporate gurus and exotic dancers, there seems to be an armband design acceptable for all trades. Its possibilities are seemingly endless.

Some of the more frequently sought after armband designs include Celtic knots, tribal patterns, Hawaiian themes, floral arrangements, dragons, snakes, and other serpents, feathers, and Native American patterns. Armbands can be adapted into nearly available style.

Armband tattoos are usually inked on the upper arm, at the widest part of the bicep. And while the outside portion of the upper arm can be one of the least painful parts of the body to get a tattoo, the inner upper arm can be a bit more sensitive. 

Many people have been led to assume that the sensitive nature of this area has caused some individuals to accept incomplete tattoos. But, it is quite the contrary. Because the shape of the arm changes as the arm is rotated, only tattoo artists extremely adept at armband tattoos can actually make the two ends of a band meet due to the fluctuations in the arm as it moves.

Many first-timers new to tattooing quickly get addicted and choose to complement their armband tattoo designs with a wristband or and ankleband tattoo. With these, too, the possibilities are almost endless and are only limited by the confines of the imagination of the one choosing the art.

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A great deal of tattoo ulterior motives which are utilised decades previously and so are even now being used currently provide particular made use of. Celtic corner tattoo models are widely-used by people who want to relate the tattoo having a particular religious beliefs or even ethnicity.

Celtic tattoo models are used by people who would like the tattoo to have a further this means. Some people could have a hard time to find the particular undetectable this means of the corner layout. This has to be discovered like a oneness of a symbol items.

The particular Celtic corner is usually regarded as being some sort of Alfredia layout. The particular range of the Celtic corner that may normally become obtained in the center is usually symbolizes sunshine although some furthermore consider that will along with the traces the idea symbolizes eternity. The particular a number of comes to an end of the Celtic Cross punch may indicate either the particular cardinal guidelines or even stand for the particular a number of aspects that are normal water, fresh air, fire and globe. The particular Questionnable history gives its decryption of the a number of items because that represent the particular a number of festivals of the Celtic 12 months -- Beltane, Lammas, Samhain and Imbolc.

Some people get offered the tattoo layout an alternative this means. They usually are using the tattoo to help stand for their own individual battles, opinions and philosophy, according to the layout. Furthermore, choice of the entire body portion that could hobby the particular Celtic corner furthermore possesses concept inside of it. Celtic corner tattoo models are often popularly placed on a person's adjustable rate mortgage however they can be placed on some other entire body portion too.

Celtic corner tattoo models are very common and sometimes used by tattoo fans, yet this particular simple fact won't get in the identity of the layout at all.

Celtic models could be edited to meet up with a broad quantity of individual preferences and technical specs, obviously with the guide in the appropriate tattoo painters. You may also consider unique color mixtures. Optionally, you might invest in a great black color layout or even to the vibrant, strongly tinted seem. One more selections will be in your hands.

Celtic tattoos normally will not be likely to walk out vogue every time quickly as the beginnings are strong. Lovers find these kinds of tattoos desirable with the classic seem that is offered off by all of them. Think about a amazing piece such as a Celtic tattoo. Fix your problem having a Celtic tattoo layout. Allow it to become distinctive with your own design with the help of your persona towards layout. Buy your personal amazing tattoo, you cannot fail having a Celtic layout. For more tattoo designs click here.

A woman's body is universally well-known and admired for a factor of magnificence. So interesting options for your tattoo for ladies only include to your appeal of the woman's corporel. But what tattoo design should you opt for? There are actually 1000's of tattoo designs that could accentuate the curves on any woman. Here are some awesome strategies to get a tattoo for women that you might like and want to have.

Tattoos around the reduced again of ladies are becoming a pattern nowadays. Some state that these tattoo designs and placement are considerably trashy but it surely just is dependent about the particular person. In case you usually are not trashy and so are a ladies with self confidence then you will not likely must be worried about what other people assume about your tattoos. Tattoos with your reduce again will genuinely display off people curves. Tribal or script make for terrific tattoos here.

Aspect tattoos for ladies create a special selection in case you can deal with all the ache. Popular tattoo designs to the facet of one's torso contain flowers that climb up your corporel or even script or a different sort of producing. Shooting stars also are found about the aspect of ladies.

Butterfly designs anyplace for the overall body have developed in level of popularity. This can be a model that started back again in the 1990's and seems like it is actually here to stay. Colourful butterflies which might be simple or in groups display a giant symbolism of rebirth within the encounter of adjust.

Foot tattoos for women are cool strategies to get a tattoo for girls for some purpose. Now I've been tattooed 10 days now so I am no stranger on the ache of tattoos but I think that finding a tattoo on your own foot can be a minor far too much soreness for me. I suppose what they say is accurate, girls usually takes suffering much better than men. The majority of the time the highest of the foot is tattooed, but I have found those that have the bottoms of their ft acquiring tattoos. Converse about remaining tough.

There are no set neat ideas for any tattoo for ladies. If you consider that the tattoo design is cool and represents what you want it to then you definitely must get it performed. Will not allow another person influence your tattoo design. It'll be on your own body for everyday living, not their's. Awesome tips for a tattoo for ladies are receiving less complicated to discover nowadays with all the new tattoo designs coming up on a daily basis.

Deciding your first tattoo is a rewarding experience, however it isn't one that should be rushed into on a whim. You must be certain to take time to think about it carefully, since a tattoo should be a lifetime commitment. You must be fully certain that you're getting a tattoo that fits into your life. You need to think about how your tattoo will have an effect on your friends' and family's perception of you, how it will affect your current job position and future career prospects, and most importantly how you, personally, will see yourself.

Deciding On The Body Location

Once you're sure you want to continue forward, the next step is to determine body region where your tattoo should be applied. You have got many options here, as nearly any part of your body makes an acceptable canvas.

Arm tattoos are definitely the most popular choice for your first tattoo. Here you've got many decisions - full arm (also referred to as a sleeve, named for the resemblance to a full-length shirt sleeve), higher-half sleeve from shoulder to elbow, bottom-half sleeve from elbow to wrist, or one-fourth sleeve commonly from mid-upper arm to shoulder. Bigger arm pieces typically mix a number of thematic parts, while the smaller and medium-sized tattoos usually only concentrate on one thing.

The shoulder space is a common spot as well, covering the area from the joint to the rear shoulder blade. The shoulder is a common choice for smaller designs that can be easily covered when necessary.

Back tattoos are for the most bold, since this may be where the biggest tattoo can be inked. Any or all of the back is accessible, from the top of your shoulders to your waist, and around to your love handles beneath your arms. Tattoos on the back are usually made up of one large element, but can often integrate a couple aesthetic elements into a single cohesive scene as well.

The chest area is becoming a more and more well-liked as well as individuals have become more adventurous. Typically a chest tattoo is fairly large and spread full length, or is smaller and limited to the pectoral space over the heart. Like one-fourth sleeve tattoos, back tattoos are often reserved for only one look.

Other body positions such as the stomach, legs, neck, and hands are less popular areas to have work done. It is important to realize that getting body art completed on any of those areas may be troublesome to cover if necessary.

Design Styles

Once a body space and approximate size has been determined, the subsequent step is to search out a design for your tattoo's look. There are several aspects to this, with the most necessary being subject, style, and use of color. Whereas the final choice is up to you, there are several popular and common styles and designs to contemplate.

Tribal pieces are the among most well-liked tattoo designs for men. Typically uncolored, these designs feature thick angular black lines in dramatic patterns representing strength and masculinity. The first tattoos of this kind were from Polynesian, Maori, and Aztec tribes and commonly worn by their fighters, though nowadays the fashion is worn by anyone.

Crosses and other religious symbols are traditional subjects, as they serve as enduring symbols of hope, faith, affection, or remembrance. They are typically thought to provide a relaxing spiritual assurance and a link to divine protection.

Tattoos honoring heritage, such a Celtic knots or alternative Celtic design, are symbols representing one's history, making sure that family roots are never forgotten. Design-wise, they're usually richly coloured and highly detailed.

Skull art designs represent the dark aspect of tattoo culture. they typically signify death and danger and anger and toughness, and evoke stereotypical images of bad dudes in motorcycle gangs whom it is best to steer clear from. Or, additionally, skulls might represent the philosophical symbolism of one's own life and are, in a way, a celebration of life.

Tattoos of pin-up girls, those scantily-clad or naked girls in alluring poses, are usually used to represent an appreciation toward confident and brash females who exude sex appeal. These tattoos were first in style among soldiers away at war, reminding them of who was anticipating them back on the home front.

Asian styles, such as Kanji symbols or dragons or koi fish, celebrate the culture and mysticism of the Orient. These styles symbolize guardianship, empowerment, wisdom, and freedom.

Words, like names, sayings, and quotes are all highly personal designs that have unique meaning the person who wears the art. They are typically meant to bring inspiration, celebrate a milestone life event such as a marriage or the birth of a child, or to honor the memory of a passed love one.

Picking The Designer

So now you've finally made sure that you are ready get a tattoo design, have an idea where you would like it to be placed, and what style of style you want it to be, it is time to go visit your chosen tattoo parlor and talk over with the artist who is liable for adding a permanent and personal piece of art to your body.

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Before getting a tattoo, you need to consider all the important factors that can affect your overall interest in choosing a tattoo design. One of these is the expense you are prepared to incur especially when eyeing up a custom tattoo design. Custom tattoos designed by professional artists are normally more expensive than "ready to wear" designs, but as you may expect, these are also much better looking and more attractive than the free ones you can find online.

Always keep in mind that custom tattoo designs are not cheap at all. Rather, expect a higher cost especially when customizing every detail of your tattoo, as this will involve dexterity and meticulous designing by the artist to fit your tattoo requirements and preference. If this is the case, it could go even to a thousand dollars or more depending on the following additional factors:

Professional Fee

Great tattoo designs come from great artists. And these professionals' rates can range from $120 to $200 per hour. This means that the longer your artist is working on your tattoo, the higher the fee they will ask. Be mindful that an average tattoo job can take anything from two to five hours depending on the size and complexity of your chosen custom design. While others may charge you on a project basis, the rates are still high. So, if you are really in the market for a more eye-catching and complex artwork, be sure that you have the money to fund it.

Size of Tattoo

Bigger tattoos are usually pricier, firstly because of the bigger area the artist will need to work on, and secondly, with bigger tattoos, it will take longer for the artist to finish the work, which could double the expense.

Location of Tattoo

The placement of your tattoo can greatly impact on your overall expense. If your prospective area is considered a sensitive one such as the head, neck, lower back, underarm, groin or ankle, the higher the price will be. There are also areas, which are considered the most sensitive and these include the ribs, feet, hands and genitals. The higher pricing of these areas is usually determined by the effort and time the artist will expend on the inking of a difficult area. On the other hand, if you choose to have your tattoo on areas like the upper arms, forearms and thighs, the lesser is the price you will have to pay.

Design of Tattoo

Of course, with simple tattoo designs, you can expect them to cost much less than complex ones. It is because simple designs can be done in a short space of time and will not require lots of effort by the artist. Depending on the naivety of your desired tattoo design, simple ones can take an hour or less, which means that you can save a whole lot more with average, plain designs.

There are other factors that affect the pricing of your custom tattoo design. No tattoo studio will charge you equally for everything, from artist's rate to the size, location or complexity of the design.

Giving a tip is not mandatory but is always welcome especially for a job very well done. You also have to carefully consider tattoo aftercare, which can mean buying products such as ointments or creams to heal the wound fast and prevent wound infections. It's better to consult your potential tattoo artist about additional expenses and whether you can get any reductions.  Click here or visit our site at Absolute Tattoo for great deal.