When you need to promote something or get your message out there, how can you decide between signs and banners? What's the difference? Read on to discover which is better for you!
There are SIX things to consider when choosing between signs and banners

Is your signage for temporary or permanent purposes?

Signs and banners CAN both be used for either purpose, but in general, banners are more ideal for temporary use while signs are more often used for permanent purposes. Banners, made of vinyl, are not as durable as metal or plastic signs over the long term. However, high quality banners made for indoor purposes can last years, while Coroplast is a sign material for temporary purposes only. Keep this in mind when deciding between signs and banners: most of the time, banners are more temporary and signs are fairly permanent. 

Do you need to transport your signage often?

Signs and banners have different portability. ALL banners transport easily. Vinyl banners roll up and are lightweight. Some banner displays fold into a case, making them even easier to carry around. If you choose a lightweight sign, it's still going to be awkward to transport as signs do not roll or fold up. So If you're choosing between signs and banners for use on a regular basis, banners are the way to go.
How much money do you want to spend?
In general, banners are less expensive than signs. This is simply because the material used to make banners, vinyl, is cheaper than most signage materials. We are also able to digitally print your message directly onto a banner but signs must be laser cut, polished, engraved, etc. Basically, signs and banners require very different labor. 

Do you need to store your signage?

Signs and banners are not always easy to store. Luckily, often signs and banners are used and then replaced after a number of years. But sometimes you need to store your signage. Banners, and most banner displays, are easy to store. A vinyl banner rolls up easily and most banner displays fold down. Signs can be more difficult to store. Bigger signs need a lot of space and less durable signs are not all waterproof or strong enough to stay in storage for months or years. In general, banners are best when it comes to storage.

Are you going for a more high-end or casual look?

You can achieve either look with both signs and banners. But unless you choose to order a banner stand, your banner will have a more casual look (such as when banners are tied down with rope). And while temporary signs can also have that casual look, most sign materials look more high-end than vinyl. If you need signage for your retail shop, for example, you're not going to stick a banner outside. You're going to want a nice, big metal sign for everyone to see.

Do you want options?

When it comes to banners, your options are somewhat limited. Yes, you have an endless array of banner display options, colors, fonts, graphics, designs and more to choose from, but you are ultimately choosing a vinyl banner. When it comes to signs, you have all the same options PLUS you can choose from a ton of materials, finishes, lettering, sizes, durability and more. Your options are literally unlimited. So while signs and banners both offer loads of options, you do get more with signs.
Ideally, you now have an idea of what will work better for you when it comes to choosing between signs and banners.

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