When a lawn receives an overly disproportionate amount of water, the damage is hazardous to its growth and overall health. When this occurs, implementing a palpable drainage system will typically resolve most drainage problems.

There are many reasons why your lawn is experiencing drainage problems. A common cause is related to the kind of soil your lawn is laid on. For example, a greatly compacted soil type can’t accommodate air and water movement which can be a leading factor in drainage problems.

In order to resolve your drainage issue, you may consider the following information.

1 ) For lawns that are retaining moisture try top dressing with sand and work it into the soil profile, over a number of top dressing you will increase the amount of sand in the soil profile and this will help the drainage

2 ) Aerating your lawn is a highly regarded process when attempting to resolve a drainage problem. It works well because it generates air pockets and relieves compaction within the soil profile to let air and water flow through to the rootzone for uptake. A number of passes with a god aerator is beneficial.

3) By adding a Ag drain underneath your lawn you can obtain a permanent solution to your drainage woes.

4) A spoon drain is also an option to divert water away from key structures like foundations and buildings.

For any drainage solution, be sure that you know your soil so that you can find the right resolution to your drainage problems.   Visit us at Hanceys Turf Brisbane leading turf supplier for your turf and lawn problem tips.

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