Before getting a tattoo, you need to consider all the important factors that can affect your overall interest in choosing a tattoo design. One of these is the expense you are prepared to incur especially when eyeing up a custom tattoo design. Custom tattoos designed by professional artists are normally more expensive than "ready to wear" designs, but as you may expect, these are also much better looking and more attractive than the free ones you can find online.

Always keep in mind that custom tattoo designs are not cheap at all. Rather, expect a higher cost especially when customizing every detail of your tattoo, as this will involve dexterity and meticulous designing by the artist to fit your tattoo requirements and preference. If this is the case, it could go even to a thousand dollars or more depending on the following additional factors:

Professional Fee

Great tattoo designs come from great artists. And these professionals' rates can range from $120 to $200 per hour. This means that the longer your artist is working on your tattoo, the higher the fee they will ask. Be mindful that an average tattoo job can take anything from two to five hours depending on the size and complexity of your chosen custom design. While others may charge you on a project basis, the rates are still high. So, if you are really in the market for a more eye-catching and complex artwork, be sure that you have the money to fund it.

Size of Tattoo

Bigger tattoos are usually pricier, firstly because of the bigger area the artist will need to work on, and secondly, with bigger tattoos, it will take longer for the artist to finish the work, which could double the expense.

Location of Tattoo

The placement of your tattoo can greatly impact on your overall expense. If your prospective area is considered a sensitive one such as the head, neck, lower back, underarm, groin or ankle, the higher the price will be. There are also areas, which are considered the most sensitive and these include the ribs, feet, hands and genitals. The higher pricing of these areas is usually determined by the effort and time the artist will expend on the inking of a difficult area. On the other hand, if you choose to have your tattoo on areas like the upper arms, forearms and thighs, the lesser is the price you will have to pay.

Design of Tattoo

Of course, with simple tattoo designs, you can expect them to cost much less than complex ones. It is because simple designs can be done in a short space of time and will not require lots of effort by the artist. Depending on the naivety of your desired tattoo design, simple ones can take an hour or less, which means that you can save a whole lot more with average, plain designs.

There are other factors that affect the pricing of your custom tattoo design. No tattoo studio will charge you equally for everything, from artist's rate to the size, location or complexity of the design.

Giving a tip is not mandatory but is always welcome especially for a job very well done. You also have to carefully consider tattoo aftercare, which can mean buying products such as ointments or creams to heal the wound fast and prevent wound infections. It's better to consult your potential tattoo artist about additional expenses and whether you can get any reductions.  Click here or visit our site at Absolute Tattoo for great deal.

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