Everyone across the globe desperately waits for Christmas as it brings the joy of togetherness, prayers and yes... Christmas cake and Christmas tree too. With the very thought of Christmas, we get fascinated with Christmas decorations either indoor or outdoor. We get busy from very first week of December with stars, colorful balls, wreaths and gifts. These all are very common things which we normally use for decoration at Christmas. In this article you will read some new and creative ideas of outdoor decoration at Christmas Eve.

Here are very unique ideas that you can utilize this Christmas for decorating not only your interiors but also your exteriors.

Kids love Christmas and they are not meant to be neglected, therefore you can bring stuffed snowman or Santa for outdoor decoration. You can also add goodness of inflated Santa for your kids. You can also involve your little ones in decoration with you.

If you are planning to enjoy your Christmas party in your lawn or garden you can use outdoor lightening over the swings, shrubs, trees or wherever you like. You can also hang your old Christmas tree ornaments randomly on tress, shrubs etc.

You can also use wooden or metallic decorative pieces for your garden or lawn. But if you want something to please your sweetie pie, you can decorate your garden with floral arrangements which you can buy online from the website like Rogers gardens, where you will find large variety of flowers organic and inorganic both. You can also use these floral arrangements at the crown of the Christmas tree.

You can use silk arrangements for decorating the centre of your Christmas table. You can also use white candles for decoration. Here is a DIY tip, all you have to do is take few slander white candles tie a bow over them with red colored ribbon or simply make a spiral. Place those candles in cluster over the mantle or Christmas table. Do not forget to leave a cute bell carelessly at the base. This easy decoration will definitely bring you some kudos.

You can use ribbon bow on the door knobs, curtains or simply tie it around the glasses on the Christmas table. You can also use this ribbon trick on the cutlery too.

To display the real meaning of Christmas you can give a visual representation of baby Jesus birth which includes Mary, Joseph and baby Christ with some sheep and shepherds, angels, few barnyard animals and 3 wise men. For some 3D effect, you can use snowfall light boxes to create fake snowfall effect.

A tip for indoor decoration: If you have chandelier in your home, you can hang bright colored beads through the strings which will add extra sparkle. These dangling beads from the chandelier will look like stars with the reflection of light.

Once your Christmas tree is placed and set, you can use white LED lights to decorate it. Unless you are looking for retro look, never use big hanging balls at your Christmas tree rather use small ones. You can also use small pines, multicolored ribbons, little birds and other natural looking stuff for decorating your tress. Tinsel is one of the things which can be used to decorate almost anything, people too. You can simply place its strands randomly over the tree branches to get a sparkling look.

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