When considering Sport Fields and how they are best constructed, there are many ways to approach the construction process and in many cases the method of construction is restricted and governed by budget. When considering the different sports that come under the banner of Sports Fields many similarities can concluded between the different sporting disciplines and their requirements. For example, when comparing a cricket outfield to a football field to a rugby field there are not that many differences - each of these playing surfaces have simi;ar construction requirements - they all must have be constructed using a free draining growing medium that is conducive for growing quality turf, the growing medium must be graded level with consistent falls, they must have a system in place that can discharge the excess drainage water, they must be adequately irrigated and they must have a grass installed on them that is suitable for their selected use. It is only during the final stages of maintenance that the playing surfaces requirements start to vary i.e. a cricket field requires a low cutting height when compared to Rugby and football pitches. 

The basic process looks like this: 

1-Consult with client the final use and budget for project 
2-Design the field to suit the end use and budget 
3-Prepare and level the sub grade with falls of 1:100 (1%) to 1:70 (1.4%) 
4-Install Drainage system 
5-Install Irrigation system and burry heads to be later located 
6-Incorporate amendments to subgrade 
7--Import growing medium, and work into sub grade if it is shallow and required 
9—Final trim by laser or GPS for final desired contours of field. 
10-Install the new turf 
11-Top dress and fertilize playing field

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