Your tattoo is a reflection of you. You will certainly agree that you did not go to a tattoo artist and volunteer yourself to endure the pain of inking just for nothing. You went there and had a tattoo permanently placed onto your skin because you want to express yourself, your thoughts and anything you want to convey. It's a bit like a trademark - a trademark you want to be exclusive to you. However, due to the increasing number of tattoo customers being faced with a reduced selection of great illustrations, chances are that even the rarest design you could possibly imagine may already be duplicated. This is because some tattoo artists display their clients' customized tattoo designs in art galleries both online and in their studios so they can gain extra profit from them. On the part of the client, this can be really unfair, offensive, and frustrating, especially when you paid promptly and properly including for the custom tattoo design.When you are faced with this dilemma, and you feel helpless, but still would like to do something to address your problem, seek a professional lawyer's help and you will be surprised that you can sue these people who have violated your rights. Under the US copyright law, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" does not apply here but can rather be a serious criminal offense in the form of theft.

Creators of original custom tattoo designs, whether the concept came from the tattoo artist, the client, or both, are protected by this law. Even commonly themed tattoo graphics can also be registered under this law provided that the expression of ideas is originally created and comes from the same themed tattoo illustrations. Bear in mind that under copyright law, it is not necessary that a copy should be an exact replica of the original; the copies that are very similar can also infringe copyright law.

There are actual cases where a person has been sued for stealing the original tattoo design of a tattoo artist. It is difficult for both parties, whether filing a lawsuit or receiving a complaint.

On the complainant's part, getting a lawyer to help prove and support your charges against the defendant is never easy. You've got to pay a lot of fees and it may even cost you much more than the actual damages you get if you win the case. It is also not easy for the other party especially when they lose the case. Often, they will be asked to have the tattoo removed, which involves very painful laser surgery.

So, to keep away from headaches brought on by lawyers and painful tattoo removal; use only original custom tattoo designs. After all, your tattoo is like a story that you want to tell. However, instead of using words, you let your tattoo do the talking.

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